Outdoor Camping Safety Pointers

Camping safety starts prior to you ever set out on your vacation. Load emergency situation rain gear, as well as a well-stocked very first help package, and strategy to arrive at your campground as early as possible.

Upon arrival, examine your camping area carefully for glass and hazardous particles, harmful plants and animals, and areas that may be susceptible to flooding when it comes to a heavy downpour. Set up your camping tent on flat ground and eliminate any rocks, branches, or other objects that could damage your tent or be unpleasant to sleep on.

Examine the camping site closely for fire ants, hornet or wasp nests, hazardous grades, and other prospective hazards before settling in if you are camping with children. Use light colors and refrain from using fragrant lotions, soaps, and fragrances to avoid bring in mosquitoes and bees. Coleman citronella candle lights can ward off mosquitoes as well.


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