Kids And Cars Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe

According to the National Highway Traffic Security Administration, more kids are killed as travellers in-car mishaps than by other kind of injury.

Many of these deaths and injuries can be prevented with the appropriate use of kid safety seats and seat belts. While 97 percent of moms and dads believe they set up and utilize kid safety seats correctly, NHTSA reports that almost 73 percent of child seats are installed and/or used improperly.

The following are some pointers on kid security around motor vehicles.

Never position a child in the course of a front air bag. Kids of all ages are safest when appropriately limited in the rear seats.
Always keep a child secured in a child restraint. Make certain the harness straps and the seat itself are not loose which your child is the ideal age and weight for the restraint used.
Before entering the vehicle, check for children around the area, behind your automobile and in the street. When backing out, roll down the window and listen to


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