When To Pass Another Car

When an automobile in front of you is moving slowly, you would rather wish to pass that lorry and get on your way rapidly. There are still some conditions or circumstances that you would have to consider first before you do such a thing. You see, you could enter mishaps or crashes if you simply continue passing other cars without much precaution.

On a roadway with 2 lanes, the passing lane is frequently in the direction of approaching traffic. On the other hand, on a multi-lane highway, any lane can be considered as a passing lane.

You need to not pass if there is a solid yellow line on your side. If you are uncertain if there is enough time or space to surpass the other vehicle, do not do so.

You see, there may be another vehicle coming on the other side of the roadway and it might be disastrous. Do not surpass if there is also another lorry passing you.

To make sure that you are passing securely, just pass if there is a dotted line on your side. …


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